The images that I took with my drone can be found at

It all started overnight on 4.17 into 4.18. By the time the rain had finished on 4.18 Katy had about 12 inches of rain. On the 18th, quite a lot of roads were closed. I was not able to explore too far away but I was able to get out along George Bush Park off HW6. The Westheimer portion of George Bush Park was completely closed-off. On the 19 and 20th I just ventured out around the Old Katy area. I just happened upon Peek and Stockdick Rds and the intersection was flooded. You could see cars getting flooded as I was flying around, and many more cars were stranded from the day before when flood waters were feet higher.

A little sad note. When I was flying on the 20th, the owner of the horse farm that I was flying over asked if I could spot their lost pony. I flew around until the battery got very low, I unfortunately never spotted the missing animal.