Visited this location a few months ago, however it took a while to research and to find out information about the property. Waddell’s House Furnishing Company established these facilities circa 1913 as storage for their merchandise and a mattress facility. Two buildings were originally developed in 1913, however in 1928 they built a second concrete structure where the factory was first erected. The development of the facility was finished in 1950 when the Waddell’s built a showroom facing Sampson St. All three buildings were still standing at the time of visit albeit not in the best shape.

The storage facility is a four-story warehouse and the biggest building on the property. Every floor was gutted and appeared ransacked by others who had visited the property prior. Many of the still standing walls were used as canvas for graffiti artists. You can actually find some mattresses still in the facility however those appear to have been brought in by individuals who have once used the building as a home. The top floor of the storage facility appeared to have some renovations started but nothing was completed. The two other buildings contained offices, a desk with a variety of tools and papers, a room that had been burned, and on the top floor a makeshift range complete with leftover bullet casings and arrows.

Surprisingly this location did not give off the creepy vibe that a majority of abandoned buildings give off. Even in the complete dark it didn’t feel like a disturbed building, just a building forgotten.